Ultimate Guide to the Best Hotels for Kids in Las Vegas

Ready to plan an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the colourful, lively city of Las Vegas, but need some child-friendly accommodation ideas? You’re in luck! Our “Ultimate Guide to the best hotels for kids in Las Vegas” is precisely what you need. Referencing countless travel reviews, this comprehensive guide presents the absolute best in family-friendly accommodations. Embracing fun, safety, and comfort, we’ve ensured the selection of hotels will contribute to creating a happy Vegas memory for your entire family! So, let’s turn the dream vacation you envisage into an unforgettable reality, shall we?

See the Ultimate Guide to the Best Hotels for Kids in Las Vegas in detail.

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Understanding the Importance of Kid-Friendly Hotels

Planning a vacation can be hard work, even more so when you have kids to think about. One of the most important considerations during this process is finding accommodation that is both comfortable and catered to the needs of your children. This is where kid-friendly hotels come into play.

Why choose kid-friendly hotels

Kid-friendly hotels provide specific services and facilities that are designed to entertain and cater to children of all ages. This can range from offering engaging kids clubs to providing child-friendly menus in their restaurants. When you choose a hotel that strives to make children feel welcomed and catered for, it eases the stress of traveling with kids, making your vacation all the more enjoyable.

The difference they can make for your family’s holiday

These hotels can make a huge difference to your family’s holiday experience. Many kid-friendly hotels offer specialized activities and entertainment options aimed at keeping your kids entertained, which can in turn give you the opportunity to enjoy some much-deserved relaxation time. Plus, if your kids are happy and entertained, it’s most likely you will be too.

Criteria for a kid-friendly hotel

So, what makes a hotel ‘kid-friendly?’ Look out for amenities such as kids’ clubs, children’s swimming pools, and game rooms. Some even go the extra mile to offer educational programs and babysitting services. Also, consider the location of the hotel – proximity to popular family attractions or child-friendly restaurants can greatly enhance your family’s comfort and convenience.

Top Hotels for Kids in Las Vegas Overview

Las Vegas has a well-deserved reputation for being the city of entertainment. But beyond its casinos and nightlife, Vegas offers a wealth of activities and accommodations perfect for families with kids.

Listing the top hotels

Among the best hotels for kids in Las Vegas are Circus Circus Hotel & Casino, Excalibur Hotel & Casino, Mandalay Bay Resort, Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel, and New York-New York Hotel & Casino. Each of these places offers unique features and amenities aimed at keeping your little ones entertained throughout your stay.

Quick summary of each hotel’s features

Circus Circus features a wide range of circus acts and a huge game arcade, while Excalibur boasts a medieval theme with live jousting shows. Mandalay Bay is known for its beach-like pool and a massive shark-themed aquarium. At Flamingo, you can find live flamingos and other wildlife within its grounds. Lastly, New York-New York offers a massive roller coaster and arcade games.

Price range comparison

These kid-friendly hotels have a wide range of prices, allowing families to choose according to their budget. Circus Circus and Excalibur are some of the more affordable options. Mandalay Bay and New York-New York fall in the mid-price range. Flamingo offers luxury accommodations for those willing to spend a bit more. While prices can vary drastically based on the time you visit, each of these hotels provides value for money with their extensive kid-friendly amenities.

Circus Circus Hotel & Casino Review

With its unmistakable big top exterior, Circus Circus Hotel & Casino is a highly enticing kid-friendly hotel in Las Vegas.

Hotel’s background and what sets it apart

Being one of Vegas’s older resorts, Circus Circus has evidently stood the test of time. What sets it apart is its ongoing live circus acts, an indoor amusement park known as Adventuredome, and a massive games arcade that can keep your little ones occupied for hours on end.

What kid-friendly amenities and activities it offers

In addition to the attractions mentioned above, Circus Circus also has a dedicated clown parade, multiple dining options for picky eaters, and babysitting services to give adults some free time to explore the city’s adult amenities.

Room types and pricing

Circus Circus offers a range of room options, from standard rooms to elaborate suites, providing flexibility in terms of comfort and budget. Prices are quite affordable compared to other Vegas properties.

Guest reviews and ratings

Visitors often praise the Circus Circus for its abundant kid-friendly facilities. Though the hotel may show some signs of age, its wide range of attractions and affordable room rates make it a popular choice among families traveling with children.

Excalibur Hotel & Casino Review

Step back in time with the Excalibur Hotel & Casino, designed to replicate a medieval castle, which your kids will absolutely love!

History and unique features of the hotel

The Excalibur has been one of Las Vegas’s most child-friendly hotels since its opening in 1990. Its unique medieval theme is visible throughout the property, with costumed staff and regular medieval jousting shows being some of the highlights.

Child-oriented services and entertainment

Excalibur’s kid-friendly amenities include a massive arcade, a magic motion film ride, and a dinner show called Tournament of Kings where kids get to watch knights joust while they eat.

Accommodation types and their costs

The rooms at Excalibur have recently been renovated and offer a comfortable stay at a relatively low cost. There are also a number of suite options available for families needing a bit more space.

Reviews and ratings by guests

Guests often enjoy their stay at the Excalibur, particularly commenting on the convenience of the location and the impressive range of entertainment options available for children.

Mandalay Bay Resort Review

Offering the ultimate beach resort experience in the heart of Vegas, Mandalay Bay Resort is hailed as one of the top kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas.

Brief about the hotel and its specialities

Mandalay Bay boasts of a giant wave pool, a lazy river, and a gigantic real sand beach. But what truly sets Mandalay apart is its Shark Reef Aquarium – with over 2,000 animals including 12 species of sharks, it’s sure to captivate your little ones.

Kid-friendly facilities and leisure activities

In addition to the pools and the aquarium, Mandalay Bay also has a designated play area with a variety of games. There’s also a number of family-friendly restaurants to choose from within the resort.

Breakdown of room types and prices

Mandalay Bay offers various room categories to suit every budget, as well as a number of luxury suites. Although slightly on the pricier side, the resort’s unique amenities often make it worth the extra cost.

Customers’ reviews and ratings

The vast majority of reviews for Mandalay Bay praise its fantastic pool area and the engaging Shark Reef Aquarium. Guests appreciate the spacious rooms and the excellent customer service.

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel Review

With its wildlife habitat and family-friendly pool, Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel is an obvious choice for families visiting Las Vegas.

Description of the hotel and its uniqueness

Opened in 1946, Flamingo is one of the oldest resorts in Las Vegas. The iconic flamingo statues at the entrance make it stand out, but the real gem is its Wildlife Habitat, home to a range of animals including, of course, flamingos.

Children’s amenities and activities available

Aside from the Wildlife Habitat, Flamingo offers a family-friendly pool with waterslides. There are also a number of dining options suitably catering to young palates.

Details on room categories and their prices

Rooms at Flamingo are equipped with modern amenities and offer views of The Strip, the High Roller wheel, or their Wildlife Habitat. Their room rates are reasonable considering the location and amenities.

Guest reviews and ratings

The Wildlife Habitat is a big hit among guests, particularly those with children. Reviews often commend the hotel’s location and competitive prices with a balance of adult and kid-friendly features.

New York-New York Hotel & Casino Review

With its larger-than-life cityscape theme, the New York-New York Hotel & Casino certainly makes a statement.

Summary of the hotel and its highlights

Being a replica of the New York City skyline, this hotel stands out on The Strip. Its Big Apple Coaster is its main attraction, offering a thrilling ride with stunning views of Las Vegas.

Kid-friendly services and entertainment on offer

New York-New York offers a large arcade packed with a variety of games. Families can also enjoy a communal virtual reality experience known as The Big Apple VR Experience.

Accommodation details and pricing

Rooms at the New York-New York are large and comfortable. Prices are moderately high, but justified considering the amenities offered.

Guest reviews and their ratings

Reviews for New York-New York often note the excitement and variety its theme brings to the traditional hotel experience. It’s recommended by many for its ideal location and engaging family-friendly amenities.

What to Consider When Selecting a Kid-Friendly Hotel

When you’re planning a family vacation and looking to find the perfect kid-friendly hotel, there are some important factors to keep in mind.

Reviewing your kids’ needs and interests

Look at the specific amenities offered by each hotel and consider which ones your children would enjoy the most. Depending on their ages and interests, your kids might prefer a hotel with a game arcade, a theatre show, or a wildlife habitat.

Analyzing your budget

Before shortlisting hotels, set a budget for your accommodation. This will help you to narrow down your options and ensure you don’t overspend.

Checking location convenience

The location of the hotel in relation to the places you would like to visit on your trip is key. A centrally located hotel that’s close to several attractions may be more convenient for you and your family.

Reading reviews from guests with kids

Before finalizing your booking, consider reading reviews from guests who visited with kids. These can be helpful to get an idea of how child-friendly the hotel really is.

See the Ultimate Guide to the Best Hotels for Kids in Las Vegas in detail.

Things to do with Kids in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has so much more to offer than casinos and adult nightlife. As a family, you can take advantage of several attractions and activities catering to kids of all ages.

Best kid-friendly attractions in Las Vegas

Top attractions include the Discovery Children’s Museum, the Neon Museum (a collection of illuminated signboards that make up part of Vegas’s history), and the Springs Preserve, a 180-acre outdoor destination focusing on sustainable living and nature’s wonders.

Cost-effective family activities

For families on a budget, consider visiting the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Garden, where you can take a self-guided tour for free. A fun day at the Sunset Park or Lorenzi Park also won’t hit your pocket.

Free attractions for kids

Many hotels offer free attractions, such as the fall of Atlantis show at the Forum Shops, the Bellagio dancing fountains, and the Mirage Volcano. They are incredible to watch and won’t cost a dime.

Deals and Packages for Kids at Las Vegas Hotels

Many hotels in Las Vegas offer special deals and discounts focused on families, allowing you to enjoy the best of Vegas without breaking the bank.

Hotels offering special packages for families

Hotels such as the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino, Excalibur Hotel & Casino, and Mandalay Bay Resort often have packages targeting families. These typically include discounted room rates, meal deals, and discounts on shows or attractions.

Overview of what these packages include

Family packages generally include accommodation, access to chosen amenities like game arcades or pools, and discounts on hotel dining. Some might even offer discounted or complimentary tickets to nearby attractions or shows.

Comparing package prices

It’s worthwhile to compare the package deals between different hotels. While some might appear cheaper upfront, they may not provide the same level of value or the particular amenities your family needs. Remember, the ultimate aim is to find an option that provides good value while ensuring an enjoyable vacation for your whole family.

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